joe shymanski | About
Joe Shymanski is a Washington DC based fine art, portrait and event photographer. He is a native of Michigan, and an alumni of the University Of Michigan, where he earned a degree in History and Psychology and a certification to teach in the public schools. Joe worked as a secondary school social studies teacher in Detroit, Korea, Honduras, the District of Columbia and Virginia before opening a small photography studio on Capitol Hill in 2000.

Joe excelled in photography in high school which led him to his first job as a portrait and event photographer at Focal Point Studio in Michigan. Focal Point is one of Michigan's finest photography studios and was and incubator for Joe's growing artistic studies in lighting, composition and human expression. His work in the studio has led him to see the natural world as a larger studio set. Combining an understanding of available lighting with reflected and flash lighting, Joe creates simple and elegant images that detail the beauty of lighting, composition, and human pose.

Joe sells his fine art photography year round, outdoor at Capitol Hill's weekend Eastern Market.