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Hi Joe,
I bought many framed prints from you about 11 years ago when I lived on Capitol Hill and would frequent Eastern Market. I have since moved to California, but still have several of your photographs framed in my house. Your work has always spoken to me and you have such an amazing vision. You have a gift for making even the most simple, everyday items beautiful. You were born to do what you do!
Dan Matthews(non-registered)
Joe, the National japanese American Memorial Foundation (NJAMF) thanks you for all that you do to support not only our Foundation but the entire Japanese American community. Thanks again and our best wishes for a prosperous and Happy 2014!
Jim McCallum(non-registered)
Your photos during the week of the JACL Convention here in DC are simply fantastic - you caught all the great personal expressions of each of your subjects, including Norm Mineta, Ambassador Sasae from Japan and his wife, Speaker (ret) Jim Wright who is one of my greatest heroes --- and even my guests too -
Thanks so much!
Hi Mr. Shymanski,

my aunt bought some of your pics in 2001.
I always had them on my walls. Now I found the folia with your name and googled it.
Your pics are still fantastic! I love all three I had all the time and wondered how I can get more. Now I found your site!
Thanks for the great photos! Greetings from Germany!
xx Melanie
Bought 4 more President Obama Mugs! Love them!!!
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